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    • Artemisia Arborescens Powis Castle

      This half-hardy perennial is a common sight in stately homes and local parks, Artemisia arborescens ‘Powis Castle’ is a resilient, drought tolerant evergreen. The holder of Read More »
    • Quick Connector ½

      This solid brass quick connector will last much longer compared to its plastic counterparts! Manufactured from premium brass for durability and aesthetic appeal, it has a Read More »
    • Raspberry Plant – Little Sweet Sister

      A compact growing variety, growing to 80cm in height. It provides very early ripening from the middle of July. The fruits are medium size with an Read More »
    • Trachycarpus Fortunei

      Trachycarpus Fortunei Trachycarpus Fortunei has proved to be an incredibly hardy and tolerant palm. Exceptional fan-shaped fronds are arranged around the top of a single trunk Read More »
    • Turf Lodge

      Turf Lodge boasts a detailed exterior, including its brick laid base, tree-like door frame and tree branches which make up the edging for the roof. And Read More »
    • Echinops Ritro

      This award-winning Globe Thistle boasts spherical blooms of bright blue flowers that sit upon silver-green stems. A popular perennial that flowers in August and are adored Read More »
    • Au Natural 100m Garden Twine

      Au Naturel 100m. Un-dyed natural Twool, as nature intended! Read More »
    • Blackcurrant Plant – Little Black Sugar

      A compact variety, which produces medium to large-sized fruits on small strings. The flavour is characterised by its very high sugar content and it is a Read More »
    • Streptocarpus Myfanwy

      An exceptionally free flowering plant with narrow leaves. Overall a compact and bushy plant with the flowers literally smothering the foliage. Flowers January-December. Height 20-30cm. GP Read More »
    • Kew Compact Topiary Shears

      Sharp and precise, these compact shears are ideal for shaping decorative topiary. Their compact design makes them comfortable for both small and large hands, and the Read More »