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Echium Plantagineum Dwarf Bedding Mix

 In summer Echium plantagineum bears the most beautiful dense spikes of exquisite flowers. Growing to only 30cm (12in) tall, the plants of Echium ‘Dwarf Bedding Mix’ are compact and bushy. They can be planted in containers, in the garden or on the patio.

Summer Bedding Value Plants – Lucky Dip

The economical way to fill beds and borders with colour and great for patio containers too! The Lucky Dip will contain 6 trays of value plugs (120 plants in total) which will be selected by us from our wide range of varieties so a lovely surprise for you. Packs will be individually labelled. Flowers June-September.

Pansy Plants – Matrix Mixed

The compact strong stems hold their energetic flower heads high,  to ensure your garden is filled with colour, whatever the weather throws at them. Easy to grow, it is a perfect plant for containers and bedding displays. Height :21-30cm Spread : 10-20cm

2 Litre Bedding Lucky Dip

2 Litre Bedding Lucky Dip Our 2 Litre Bedding Lucky Dip is the perfect way to pack your patio pots, garden beds and flower borders full of magnificent blooms. Large bedding plants add colour, texture, and most of all, size, to your garden. Great value this lucky dip includes a fantastic selection taken from our

Dahlia Plants – Figaro Miix

Create a blaze of summer colour with this mixture of classic, dwarf bedding dahlias. The dazzling double and semi-double blooms of Dahlia 'Figaro' Mixed are produced on fast-growing plants with a compact, bushy habit. Ideal for creating a colourful, long-lasting display in beds, borders and containers. Height and spread: 30cm (12").

Bedding Most Scented Collection

Bedding Most Scented Collection Great collection of the most scented autumn bedding. You’ll receive 6 each of Pansy, Viola, Primrose and Polyanthus. Proving glorious perfumed and vibrant colours for autumn beds and pots. Up to 30cm (12).

Nurserymans Choice Winter Bedding

Nurserymans Choice Winter Bedding It can be hard to pick and choose from so many winter bedding varieties available today, so why not let us take away the hard work for you and send you a wonderful mix! Our specially selected lucky dip of Nurseryman’s Choice winter bedding includes a fantastic range of top winter

Pre-Planted 35cm Basket Pansy Orchi

These Pansies are ideal for cheering up into your garden in spring. With a fresh colour array of flowers making a bright, clean display! These reliable bedding plants are just the job for baskets, as well as containers, beds and borders . Height: 20cm (8). Spread: 23cm (9).

Our Selection Winter/Spring Bedding (54)

Nurserymans Choice Bedding

If our selection of winter bedding planting options leaves you spoilt for choice, let us do the design work for you! Quickly pick our Nurseryman’s choice collection instead of agonising over all the individual options and we guarantee to send you a winning selection of winter performers for a wide range of uses. Set the

Winter Bedding Collection

Say goodbye to the dark days of winter with this hardy Winter Bedding Collection. Combining five of our most popular winter bedding plants, you can be sure of a display that will stand up to even the coldest weather. These reliable plants will fill borders, beds and containers with their dark, evergreen foliage throughout autumn

Best Selling 100 Summer Plants Collection

Best Selling 100 Summer Plants Collection The must-have collection of summer bedding plants! One of the best things about summer is filling our gardens with bright, beautiful blooms. Summer bedding plants add instant colour to your borders, baskets and containers. That's why our Best Selling 100 Summer Plants Collection includes some of the most bright

Sweet Potato Plants – Kaukura

One of the newly bred ‘ornamental edible’ sweet potatoes that is an orange-skinned and orange-fleshed variety which is delicious! Deep purple heart-shaped leaves that are as ornamental as the tubers are tasty. Can be used in pots as bedding, then harvest the tubers when you empty the pots. Leaves are traditionally eaten in Vietnam/Japan and

Pre-Planted 35cm Basket Pansy Universal

Brighten up your winter to early spring with bright pansies in a range of glistening colours, some solid and some with pretty markings. Compact plants turn winter bedding into a world of colour. Perfect in baskets, containers, window boxes. Height and spread: 45cm (9”).

Aster Seeds – Dwarf Bedding Mixed

Godetia Seeds – Dwarf Bedding Mixed

Whisky Barrel Planter

This whisky-barrel style planter is made from weatherproof plastic with a matt gold finish that will compliment your plants beautifully. Unlike heavy wooden planters, it is lightweight and easy to move so you can change your display as often as you like. The base of the pot features a pre-drilled hole allowing excess water to

Wooden Barrel Effect Planter & Saucer

Wooden Barrel Effect Planter & Saucer This exquisite planter has a classic wooden barrel design that makes a modern feature on your patio or in the garden. Embossed with burnished gold bands and a matching, detachable pot saucer, this is a stylish container to present your bedding plants and patio shrubs. It has been crafted

Pink Shockwave preplanted hanging basket

Put your feet up and enjoy summer long colour without any effort! Our pre-planted hanging baskets provide instant colour throughout the summer so you won’t have to do any hard work. ‘Pink Shockwave’ is a stunning mix of Petunias, Verbenas and Pelargoniums in hot pink and ruby red shades which will turn up the heat

Wallflower Plants – Sugar Rush Mix

Wallflower Plants – Sugar Rush Mix Add a flurry of colour to your flower displays! The Wallflower Plants – Sugar Rush Mix is a fantastic mix of colourful flowers ready to add to your garden. Winning the Best New Bedding Plant award at the the Grower of the Year Awards in 2013, this mix is