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Metal Daisy Flower Sets

Add colour to any garden, big or small feature to your garden borders, pathways and flower beds with this set of six metal daisy stakes from Garden Gear. Designed from iron they are durable which helps prevent frost damage. They come as a set of six with two of each colour, pink, purple and magenta

White Flower Folding Hedge Trellis 1X2M

There are two sizes available for the white flower trellis; 1 x 2 metres and 0.7 x 2 metres. It features realistic white flowers atop green foliage and is backed by 100% natural willow, creating an attractive and durable trellis. Specifications Material: PE 50%, Willow 50%

Wallflower Artist Paintbox

This evergreen erysimum hybrid has a neat, compact habit making it perfect for beds, borders and containers, the highly scented flowers of Wallflower Artist Paintbox creates a carpet of colours in shades of burnt orange and mauve.  Usually grown as a biennial as a short lived variety but it is versatile and able to cope

Cauliflower Whitex

A revolution in cauliflower breeding, Cauliflower ‘Whitex’ has the whitest curds of any variety. Clever hybridising means that the curds of ‘Whitex’ do not discolour in sunlight and there is no need to cover them. These are not self-covering cauliflowers, instead Cauliflower ‘Whitex’ is an upright plant with exposed curds and spreading foliage. This makes

Cauliflower Plants – Romanesco Continuity Collection

Cauliflower Plants – Romanesco Continuity Collection Three top quality cauliflowers to pick from October to early December! The Romanesco Continuity Collection contains a superb selection of cauliflower plants. This Collection contains 21 cauliflower plants, a mix of each variety of the following three varieties: Colosseo: A superb alternative to standard white cauliflowers, with attractive, architectural,

Syringa meyeri Plant – Flowerfesta® Pink

For a fairytale garden effect, choose Syringa Flowerfesta® Pink. This dwarf lilac grows to a maximum height of 1.25m, displaying an abundance of stunning, large, pink flower clusters amongst wide, light green leaves – a beautiful colour combination! Don’t think that these flowers will only make one appearance, however. Syringa Flowerfesta Pink is a repeat

Flowering Cherry Snow Showers

Small weeping ornamental cherry, branches become covered with blossom, single white blossom, good autumn colour. Flowers March-April. Height 1-1.5m (3’3-5′).

Summer Flowering Perennial Collection 9 x 9cm

Summer Flowering Perennial Collection The Summer Flowering Perennial Collection includes three fabulous varieties of summer flowering perennials. You will receive 3 of each variety as 9cm potted plants. Collection includes: Zaluzianskya Plant – Orange Eye A beautiful new form of one of our best sellers. Orange eye is aptly named due to the strong orange

Echinacea (Cone Flower) Nectar Pink

Like all Echinaceas Nectar Pink flowers throughout summer, attracting pollinating insects to the garden. This variety is free flowering with a compact, branching habit. Like all Echinacea, the daisy-like flowers are good for cutting and using fresh or dried. Height: 40cm Spread: 50cm

Petunia Orchid-Flowered Mixed F1 Hybrid

Calibrachoa â??Million Bells Seriesâ?? remain as popular as ever, thanks to their superb garden performance. With superior vigour, Calibrachoa ‘Million Bells White’ produce well branched plants with an abundance of trumpet-shaped, dazzling-white flowers t

Geranium Flower Fairy Pink Splash

Zonal Pelargoniums are always popular for their bright blooms and attractive, lobed foliage. Geranium ‘Flower Fairy Pink Splash’ boasts bright pink petals contrasting scarlet red centres that make a dramatic display on the patio. These eye-catching plants are reliable and easy to grow, with a neat, upright habit. Perfect for containers and window boxes ?

100 Days of Flowering Collection

100 Days of Flowering Collection This wonderful flowering collection of bulbs offers a long season of vibrant colour that will bring your garden to life, from spring right through to summer months. These are ideal for spacing around borders and rockeries in masses to create bold spurts of colour. Year after year they will burst

Narcissus Daffodil Spring Flowering Mix

Narcissus Daffodil Spring Flowering Mix This vibrant daffodil mix is a bright and breezy blend of spring-flowering daffodils that offer a variety of our customer favourites. These are ideal for packing pots on the patio full of spring colour, or producing masses of colour at the front of flower borders! For the most impactful results,

Galanthus (Snowdrop) Bulbs – Single Flowered Bulb

Drifts of graceful nodding snowdrops signal winters end with an understated elegance. These native beauties love to shelter in dappled shade at the base of trees and shrubs, but look equally at home in an alpine garden, or naturalised in grass. Why not try them in window boxes and containers as part of a mixed

Spring flowering Purple Rain Mix

Spring flowering Purple Rain Mix This stunning mix of two classic spring varieties brings an opulent, professional display to your spring garden. Plant them en masse and enjoy the sight of the purple and mauve Tulips peeping through a carpet of blue Muscari. Height: 40cm (16). Spread: 10cm (4)

Budget Flower Mix

A cornucopia of varieties to delight the eyes! Simply scatter in your flower beds and be surprised by what flowers are produced.

Cauliflower (Organic) Seeds – Romanesco

This has fantastic, large pyramid-shaped heads, apple green in colour. Grows exceptionally well in cool conditions.

Cauliflower Seeds – All The Year Round

Cauliflower Seeds – Celio F1

Cauliflower seeds – Speed Star F1