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Vegetable Bumper Collection

Enjoy your best ever onion harvest with our Vegetable Bumper Collection, containing five onion and garlic varieties chosen for their quality, reliability and range of harvesting times to meet all your kitchen needs. Vegetable Bumper Collection comprises one pack of each of the following varieties:Onion ‘Autumn Champion’ (autumn planting) – An exceptional autumn-planting variety, producing relatively

Patio Vegetable Plants – Collection

Fresh, tasty vegetables on your doorstep! Fresh, tasty vegetables on your doorstep & patio! All you need to make the perfect ratatouille! Growing delicious vegetables on your patio has never been easier than with our specially selected patio vegetable collection. Comprised of 6 outstanding patio vegetable varieties, all individually labelled: Aubergine Jackpot, Courgette Sure Thing,

Short Beech Seed Rule

Made from responsibly sourced FSC certified beech, this handy sized ruler features seed sowing holes, metric and imperial graduations plus printed vegetable spacing guide. Length 33cm.

Grafted Vegetable Lucky Dip (6) P10

Enjoy homegrown grafted veg with our selection of potted grafted vegetables – a minimum of 3 varieties from our existing range of grafted vegetables. Plants supplied in 10cm pots. Perfect for the veg patch or your pots and containers, our grafted veg produces up to 75% more fruit and is more resistant to disease. Please

Nasturtium (Organic) Seeds – Tall Mix

A free-flowering and rapid climber for use against trellises, screens and trees. This hardy annual attracts aphids away from vegetables, so useful throughout the garden. Flowers June-September. Height 180cm (6′) Culinary Tip: The fresh leaves and flowers have a peppery flavour similar to watercress. The flowers will add a spicy touch to salads and the

Radish (Organic) Seeds – Mixed

Radish (Organic) Seeds – Mixed A superb mixture of some of the best varieties of Radishes This mixed packet of radish seed is made up of a selection of the French Breakfast, Sparkly and Scarlet Globe varieties. This means that whilst you’re growing these delicious radishes you’ll have a completely varied harvest just from a

Carrot (Organic) Seeds – Resistafly F1

Carrot (Organic) Seeds – Resistafly F1 A carrot fly resistance and the F1 hybrid makes this variety a great carrot to grow! The Carrot Resistafly F1 is a Nantes hybrid with great carrot fly resistance. This carrot variety has a traditional long shape with a bright orange, well coloured hue and smooth roots. The Carrot

Cauliflower (Organic) Seeds – Skywalker F1

Cauliflower (Organic) Seeds – Skywalker F1 A traditional creamy coloured Cauliflower with the F1 hybrid vigour! Cauliflower Skywalker F1 is a superb variety that benefits from the F1 hybrid vigour! Cauliflower can be a highly rewarding vegetable to grow and the Cauliflower Skywalker F1 even more so. Being cold tolerant, this variety of cauliflower won’t

Cucumber (Organic) Seeds – Passandra F1

Cucumber (Organic) Seeds – Passandra F1 A great mini cucumber variety with the F1 hybrid! The Cucumber Passandra F1 is a fantastic cucumber variety with the F1 hybrid strength. This all female type cucumber has a good resistance to mildew, mosaic virus and downy mildew. This variety of cucumber is actually a mini cucumber, growing

Cabbage Savoy (Organic) Seeds – Vertus

An Ormskirk type with the ability to stand severe frosts. An excellent green vegetable when little else is available. Sow May-June plant 60cm apart harvest Dec-Feb. Try lightly braised in butter with a twist of freshly ground pepper! 190 seeds.

Magic Seeder

A seed dispenser designed for planting small flower and vegetable seeds, ideal for pots and plug trays. Quick and easy to use, it distributes seeds accurately and eliminates thinning out. Varying thumb pressure can regulate quantity of seed.

Onion/Vegetable Sacks (Pack of 5)

Dark coloured woven nets with a braided drawstring for storing onions and other vegetables. Strong polypropylene nets holding up to 25kgs.Please note colours may vary, image for illustration purposes only.

Super Seeder

Ideal for the allotment or larger veg plot, the sturdy Super Seeder sows all your veg seeds quickly and evenly. It delivers consistent, evenly planted rows and adjusts to 3 different sowing distances to provide plants the space they need to thrive. No more bending and stooping or uneven sowing! Just select from six easily

Grochar Seed Compost

Give your seedlings a strong start with this seed compost. Containing Grochar, coir fibre and a mild blend of vegetable nutrients, it nourishes young plants and boosts healthy root formation helping them to 'take' quickly when planted out. Available:8 litres or 60 litres.  

16 Cell Window Propagator

There?s no need for cumbersome seed trays to be left balancing on your windowsill. This clever windowsill propagator kit is just the right size for growing your own flowers and vegetable seedlings indoors. Each set is supplied as two coir 8 cell trays (16 cells in total), a plastic drip tray for catching irrigation water,

Three Tier Wooden Cold Frame

Extend the growing season and keep your delicate plants protected from harsh weather conditions with this three-tier wooden cold frame from Garden Grow. Cold frames are great for protecting young seedlings, vegetables or flowerbeds from adverse weather, primarily the cold and wet. Lift and transplant fragile plants into the cold frame for protection from frost

Chempak Organic Potato Fertiliser

Chempak organic Organic potato fertiliser A specially formulated granular fertiliser packed full of essential nutrients for growing potatoes, in the correct balance, slowly released throughout the season to provide tastier and increased yields of quality homegrown potatoes. Perfect for growing direct outdoors, in containers outdoors or under protection, or in the greenhouse. Can also be

Garden Grow Cloche

Garden Grow Cloche Extend the growing season and keep delicate plants protected from all weather conditions with this garden cloche from Garden Grow. Perfect for protecting young seedlings, vegetables or flower beds from adverse weather, primarily the cold and wet. Lift and transplant fragile plants into the cloche for protection from frosts through the winter

KD 2.2M Garden Obelisk

This obelisk is the ideal addition to any border or on a patio over a plant pot, adding height to your flowerbeds. Perfect for climbing plants such as clematis, roses or sweet peas, or you can expand your vegetable patch by growing runner beans or peas. 

G.Grow Wooden Cold Frame

Extend the growing season and keep your tender plants from the harsh winter weather conditions. This wooden cold frame from Garden Grow is great for protecting young seedlings, vegetables or flower beds from adverse weather, primarily the cold and wet, the transparent roof allows sunlight to penetrate without the risk of heat escaping. This cold