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Airplant Caput Medusa Medium x 1

Airplant Caput Medusa Twisted leaves the hair of Medusa! It is easy to see where it gets its name from, the twisted and twirling leaves resemble the hair of Medusa! It is a fascinating plant not only because of its twisted foliage but also it produces lovely pink flowers between May and September. These tropical Air Plants need little intervention in order to thrive – a lot of light and a little moisture in the air is usually sufficient to keep them healthy and they don’t even need to be potted in soil. This would be a perfect addition to a bathroom or kitchen due to the humidity they love. You can enjoy them in a few different ways, such as in a glass vase or terrarium with pebbles, or you can even create a natural-looking display by pushing them into driftwood. These Tillandsia are epiphytic plants that do not need any compost to grow. This makes them very versatile so they can be wired or glued onto suitable support, for example, some wood or an attractive shell. Position air plants in bright, filtered light with good air circulation, at a minimum temperature of 5C (41F). Water regularly between the spring and autumn by immersing the entire plant in rainwater or misting vigorously. Make sure that the plant can completely drain and dry after each watering. Feed monthly by adding a small amount of bromeliad fertiliser to misting water. Please note: Some houseplants are toxic to pets if ingested, please seek advice from a veterinary professional if you believe it has been consumed. Ensure you take a sample of the plant with you. The size of the plant will differ depending on when in the year it is purchased – visuals are an indication only.