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Alocasia Zebrina 17cm Pot x 1

For an eye-catching focal point, look no further than Alocasia zebrina. This amazing tropical plant is native to the Philippines, but is very rapidly becoming a ?must have? plant in homes around the globe! This quick growing perennial has beautiful zebra-striped stems, each topped with a rich, glossy, arrow-shaped leaf. Alocasia can be a demanding plant needing regular pampering from its owner, but it?s absolutely worth the effort for a plant that looks this amazing! Give the plant bright, filtered light, a humid atmosphere and regular watering (little and often is the key), this stunning house plant will be the highlight of any bright room or conservatory. Keep in a room with a temperature of above 15C (59F) and away from draughts and radiators. Water regularly ensuring the water can drain properly to avoid any rotting. In the winter months reduce the amount of watering. Feed regularly between March and September. To help create the atmosphere it needs, place on top of pebbles and water and as the water evaporates it will create the humidity it loves. Height and spread: 100cm (39).