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Anthurium andreaeanum Red

Anthuriums are an exotic and elegant house plant. Their vibrant and colourful bracts rise above glossy, heart shaped, evergreen foliage. These eye-catching house plants are ideal for adding a splash of colour to any spot but be sure to keep it well away from the glare of the sun. Loved by interior designers, they add a stylish finish to a room, and make any corner or space light up. Choose from red, white or pink in either a 9cm, 12cm or 17cm pot. Anthuriums require warm temperatures above 15C (59F) and should be placed in a well- lit place but out of direct sunlight and cold draughts. In the winter move the place to a cooler spot for around 6 weeks to let the new flower buds begin to grow. Water throughout the summer months to keep the soil moist. Feed the plant also during its active growing months between March and September. Anthuriums enjoy a humid atmosphere so mist regularly or place on pebbles and water so as the water evaporates around the plant this will give it the humidity it loves. Height and spread: 45cm (18").