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Astrantia Plant – Star of Love

Astrantia Plant – Star of Love Tall fiery red flowers that will add dramatic height to your flower displays. The Astrantia Plant – Star of Love is a beautiful plant producing stylish and exotic blooms of red, star shaped flowers that will l;ook amazing in any flower bed or flower border they are planted in. The pin cushion style flowers that are produced are a real magnet for bees, pollinators and other wildlife meaning you won’t be the only ones to fall in love with these flowers! The tall growing pattern of the Astrantia Plant – Star of Love means they can create often much needed height in patio pot & container flower displays, so add these to your flower displays to create a really dramatic, colourful height. Having such tall stems, the Astrantia Plant – Star of Love also makes great cut flower displays inside your home! What’s not to love? Flowering between June & August and growing to a height of 50-60cm (20-24") and spread of 40-50cm (16-20").