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Aubergine Grafted Plants – F1 Emerald Isle

Aubergine Grafted Plant – F1 Emerald Isle Difficult to find in UK supermarkets, you could soon be harvesting your own! Our Grafted Aubergine Plants will allow you to increase your crop whilst ensuring plants remain protected from diseases and late blight. Compact and heavy cropping the aubergine ?Emerald Isle? is a gorgeous egg-shaped fruit immensely popular in South East Asian cuisine. This egg-shaped aubergine is particularly difficult to track down in UK supermarkets but, not to worry you could soon be growing these delicacies yourself! Compact, heavy-cropping plants, ideal for greenhouse container growing and requiring no support. Why not give this unique aubergine variety a go and you?ll soon realise its the essential ingredients you?ve been missing from your Thia Green Curry. Grafted Aubergine Plants are a must-have for any keen grower – You?ll also be safe in the knowledge it?s protected from any attacks of late blight. What?s so good about grafted veg plants?  Grafting onto specific rootstocks, of course, creates bigger, better, more disease-resistant plants with increased yield. Consequently, we believe, the extra vigour which the plant obtains will provide even better protection to late Blight attack, and the plants will grow away from any infection even more rapidly. Grow in the greenhouse or outdoors, little or no heating required. With excellent resistance to soil-borne pest and diseases – No more ring culture or grow bags you simply plant straight in the soil.