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Aztec Sweet Herb Botanical Infusions Plants – Colada

Aztec Sweet Herb Botanical Infusions Plants – Colada The calorie-free sweetener of the Aztecs! Also known as Lippia Dulcis, the Aztec Sweet ?Colada? herb is quick growing and perfect for summer displays. The Lippia Dulcis will produce beautiful little white flowers that smell amazing! These plants can be used either in your herb garden or flower beds and flower borders as ground cover due to their growing habits. Alternatively, try growing Aztec sweet herb in hanging baskets and decorative containers, they will trail magnificently down the side of them creating beautiful displays. Lippia Dulcis prefers a sunny spot but will require protection from frost during the winter months. Rich in South American history the Aztec Sweet ?Colada? is said to have been used in treatments for various chest infections for centuries! Everything about this herb is sweet, from its sweet fragrance to the deliciously sweet-tasting leaves. The Aztec sweet leaves can be added to drinks and teas to sweeten them up without adding any calories! Start your home-grown herb garden today, a must-have herb for any keen gardener.