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Begonia Valentino Pink 14cm Pot x 1

Begonia Valentino Pink Boasting bicoloured blooms! Throughout the summer season, it will provide an abundance of striking double bicolour blooms. Begonia elatior ‘Valentino Pink’ effortlessly brightens up a shady patio or corner in a dull room with a vibrant splash of colour. Ideally keep it in a space which is out of direct sunlight, the gorgeous clusters of pink blooms with ruffled yellow centres make a beautiful contrast against the dark foliage. Height: 30cm (12”). Spread: 25cm (10”). Begonia plants can be enjoyed indoors or transplanted into their final containers on the patio. When all risk of frost has gone, acclimatise the begonia to outdoor conditions over a period of 7 to 10 days, before placing them in their final positions outdoors. Choose a sunny or semi shaded position that is protected from strong winds. Feed and water Begonia plants frequently throughout the growing season but be sure not to over-water as this can cause new flower buds to drop off. Deadhead faded begonia flowers regularly to help extend the flowering period and to help encourage more blooms to grow. Please note: Some houseplants are toxic to pets if ingested, please seek advice from a veterinary professional if you believe it has been consumed. Ensure you take a sample of the plant with you. The size of the plant will differ depending on when in the year it is purchased – visuals are an indication only.