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Bonsai Zelkova In Ceramic With Saucer

Well known as the Japanese Elm, this bonsai is a deciduous tree growing in a beautiful upright habit. Bonsai trees are amazing as they literally are miniature trees. This species is prized for its flaking bark and beautiful arching crown. Ideal for a cool and bright conservatory for most of the year and even in the summer months it can be moved outside onto a sunny patio. Bonsai trees require a lot of time and attention, they have to be carefully trained to be the flawless miniature version of their full-sized sibling. Be aware especially in the winter as they are quite susceptible to the cold. Keep away from cold draughts and radiators too. If you keep inside all year-round ideally it would enjoy a relatively cool and light room. If you wish to move outdoors in the summer they will gradually acclimatise to those conditions. But ensure by the Autumn you begin to re-acclimatise to the indoor conditions ready for the colder winter months. Water regularly keeping the soil mostly moist. Ensure that the water can drain well after each watering as if it is left in standing water this could cause rot. Feed it regularly between March and September and consider repotting every couple of years to prevent them becoming pot bound. Remember these are miniature trees so regular pruning and training of a Bonsai is crucial to keeping it a miniature specimen. Height and spread: 30cm (12"). Select from either a 12cm, 15cm or 20cm pot.