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Brugmansia Single Pink

Brugmansia is an unashamedly show-off plant. Also known as ‘Angel’s Trumpets’ their huge blooms will certainly blow a fanfare on a sunny patio and attract gasps of astonishment from neighbours. These semi-woody shrubs bear large leaves covered in fine hairs. Throughout summer and autumn Brugmansia develop long, pod-like buds from which explode pendulous, flaring flowers. The flowers release a tropical fragrance in the evening.These frost tender shrubs are best grown in patio pots and moved into a conservatory or greenhouse over the winter. They can quickly grow into large and spectacular specimens but are happy to be pruned back to a permanent framework in the autumn to return to their winter housing.Brugmansia ‘Single Pink’ has shell pink flowers flushed with pale green at the base. Height: 2m (78). Spread: 1.5m (59).Please note, all parts of Brugmansia are poisonous.