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Bumper Autumn Planting Collection – Onion/Shallot/Garlic

Six varieties for the kitchen garden – collection contains 1 pack each of the following varieties: Onion Set Electric – Produces outstanding quality, shiny, deep red semi-globe-shaped onions with excellent flavoured pink tinged flesh. Ideal for over wintering, plant in autumn-early winter for harvest May-June. 250g pack. Onion Set Autumn Champion – This superb onion matures from late July and stores well until the end of the year. Whilst mildish in flavour it's a little more robust than others offered due to its slightly higher dry matter content. The best choice if you only have room for one! 250g pack. Shallot Griselle – A robust spicy taste that will not disappoint! Best planted October to mid December, it multiplies well to give a good crop of long, grey-skinned bulbs in June. Use green or dried for storage well into winter. 500g pack. Shallot Longor – An excellent elongated banana-type variety with copper coloured skins and pink flesh. Each shallot yields 6-8 bulbs at harvest. Very easy to peel and slice. Great tasting sweet flavour! Harvest June-September. 500g pack. Garlic Germidour – Violet-streaked skin with white cloves and a mild flavour, easily stored and split for cooking. (French grown – softneck). 2 bulbs (10-11 clovers per bulb). Garlic Kingsland Wight – A beautiful white bulb with pink cloves, similar to Rose de Lautrec, held by French gourmands to be France's finest garlic. (French grown – hardneck). 2 bulbs (10-12 cloves per bulb).