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Bumper Basket Super Plug Plants – Collection

Enjoy 6 wonderful varieties specifically chosen to look amazing in hanging baskets and decorative containers. If you want to add amazing combinations of colour to your hanging baskets this summer, then this collection is perfect for you. If you just love to brighten up your picturesque patio displays with ornamental flower pots and containers filled with stunning flowers, this collection will certainly do that. With varieties cascading down the side of containers, these flowers will really put a show on all summer long. A range of varieties will be selected carefully at random so you can enjoy the element of surprise! We’ve all been there…the weather suddenly starts to warm up and we find ourselves back in the garden enjoying the vibrant colours and smells of the flowers in the garden. – and there’s nothing better than a simple collection of gorgeous varieties to bring your garden displays back to life. If you need to fill your garden with a selection of beautiful plants, this collection is a fuss-free way to enjoy the colours of summer. General Care To achieve that stunning summer long display, please ensure that you regularly check your plants to ensure that they have adequate water, and feed regularly. When planting containers, mix a slow release plant food into the compost. They will then need less attention throughout the summer. Watering below the foliage canopy of the plants will reduce marking and damage to the flowers. Removing the dead and damaged flower heads will not only improve the appearance of the plants but will also prevent the plant from putting energy into seed production and ensure that more flowers are produced. See the growing information Tab for more information. (Please note: Images used for illustration purpose only.)