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Cactus Mixed

Cactus are a low maintenance house plant and are ideal introductory house plant, but handle with care! This lovely mix are all easy to grow varieties and come in a range of shapes and sizes. Some varieties even flower if in the conditions are right. To keep them happy, leave them in a sunny environment such as a windowsill, conservatory, or greenhouse with a temperature of 1C (50F) to 23C (75F) would be optimum. Some shelter would be needed from the hottest sun. Providing they get the conditions they need they will thrive and only need a drop of water for weeks. Have a little patience with these lovely plants as they are slow growing. Water with rainwater or soft water but ensure the compost dries out between watering. They will be in active growth between March and September so food should be provided during this time. In the winter months they will be dormant so eventually reduce the watering and keep the compost dry. When purchased we will select from the mix which is currently available. They are always going to be a fantastic addition to your home or make a fabulous gift no matter the variety. Choose from a mix of either 5.5cm, 10.5 or 13cm pots