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Chilli Pepper Patio Plant – Hot Fajita

Chilli Pepper Patio Plant – Hot Fajita Chilli Plant Add a little kick to your favourite summer recipes! Our patio range of chilli pepper plants will allow anyone to grow their own chilli plants from the comfort of their own home. No matter how small your garden or patio, our chilli pepper plants, when grown correctly, crop bumper harvests or juicy fajita chilli plants to be enjoyed. Compact and perfect for small space growing, this particular Chilli Pepper Patio Plant is not hot but not too hot. Weighing in at a cool 70,000 SHU, this Chilli Pepper Patio Plant packs a punch. A great ingredient to add to Mexican cooking, this vegetable plant is tasty and satisfying to grow. Pleasing on the eye too, this fajita chilli plant is typically red, and comes complete with a waxy skin which ensure it stores for longer. Chilli plants can be grown in a patio of greenhouse, a must have for any keen vegetable grower. Fascinating pepper and chilli facts! Chilli peppers contain more vitamin C than citrus fruits. Eating chillies causes the brain to release endorphins, making them the ultimate ‘feel good’ vegetable plant. Peppers and chilli plants are extremely low in calories. The heat of chilli pepper plants actually comes from the strip that attaches the seed to the fruit, rather than the seed itself.