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Clematis Alpina Frances Rivis

Clematis Alpina – Clematis Alpina ‘Frances Rivis’ ‘Frances Rivis’ is a delicate addition to borders worth adding. It spreads gracefully to around 1.5m and grows in height to 250-300cm. It’s nodding violet heads flower from April up until May, making another appearance in late Summer if promptly pruned. Clematis Alpina have silky petals and luscious green leaflets, it creates a beautiful display up the side of a house, garden wall and along a trellis. Clematis Alpina ‘Frances Rivis’ is an unscented Clematis and can tolerate hard Winters and strong winds. ‘Frances Rivis’ is easy to care for and enjoys full sun and partial shade. it’s undeniable beauty not only attract attention but also add a superb shade of blue to your garden. It’s buds reveal white centres and when established draw in many pollinators. This medium sized Clematis grows densely and would be perfect to even grow up posts or structures to add that extra touch to your outdoor tranquil space. Always look out for Clematis slime flux as it's a bacterial infection that can be fatal, it is very uncommon however there is nothing wrong with checking over your Clematis to make sure it's as its healthiest.