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Crassula perforata Variegata 10cm Pot x 1

Crassula perforata Variegata A wonderful display of stacked leaves that eventually trail! This stunning succulent has fleshy green leaves with a slight greyness to them and red edges. They spiral down the stem which creates an intriguing display of stacked leaves. As it grows upright it will gradually become move level and flat and then begin to trail down as it reaches maturity. It grows quite quickly and thrives in a sunny spot so is ideal for a windowsill or conservatory where it can get a temperature of between 10-23C (50-75F) but also be sheltered from any direct sun. Water when necessary as the soil starts to dry out. Succulents store water in their fleshy leaves which is why they can be quite resilient and need not as much water as you may think in the hotter months. Really reduce down the amount of watering in the winter. Feed during its active growing months between March and September.