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Dahlia Collection

Dahlia Collection Dahlias create a firework display in any late summer border. They come in a wide array of bright bold colours and a variety of different shapes. The Dahlia Collection is a must-have selection of 6 fantastic varieties Collection includes the following: Tu Tu: Dahlia Tu Tu is a stunning pure white flawless cactus dahlia that makes for a wonderful bunch of cut flowers for the home. The petals roll backward giving a spiky tubular appearance. Height 90cm. Double Jeu: The Double Jeu is a striking decorative dahlia with dark red petals tipped with white petals. Height 90 – 120cm. Ideal for beds and borders. Avalanche: Dahlia Avalance is a cactus-type dahlia with large white petals which are ideal for beds and borders. Height up to 1m. Vulcan: Dahlia ‘Vulcan’ is a large-flowered semi-cactus dahlia, with orange flowers measuring up to 17cm across. It’s perfect for growing in a mixed herbaceous border and makes an excellent cut flower Show and Tell: Dahlia ‘Show N Tell’ is an eye-catching Dinner Plate Dahlia with huge and festive, frilly, red-orange blossoms adorned with buttery-yellow tips. All Directions: Dahlia ‘All Directions’ is chosen for its impressive 10cm wide flower heads, which open from bud a sumptuous shade of red, but then fade to warm vermilion as the season progresses.