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Delphinium Plant – Cinderella

Delphinium Plant – Cinderella These plants are more than garden worthy – they're robust, cold tolerant, and disease-proof. The stems are strong like bamboo, not flimsy like traditional delphiniums. Furthermore, at just four feet tall, they're great for small borders or large containers on the patio. The development of a triple-layered bloom gives far more longevity too. Single-flowered varieties often fade quickly and shatter when the winds come. The pompon structure of 'Cinderella' stays intact far longer. Plants are hardy and flower not once, but TWICE a year, in summer and again in autumn! Flowers June-August. Height 1-1.5m (3'3"-5'); spread 80-90cm (32-36"). Supplied in 9cm pots. Far away in New Zealand, 20 years ago, one man decided to devote his life to Delphiniums. Terry Dowdeswell's tiresome breeding work has changed the very structure of these fine border plants, transforming them into dependable garden plants with blooms like never before! Terry has been working his magic with this pink, TRIPLE flowered variety with green tips! 8 years of meticulous breeding means each button flower is perfectly round, and you won't even find any gaps between the florets.