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Digitalis Plant – Pink Panther

Digitalis Plant – Pink Panther Commonly known as the foxglove, the digitalis plant ? pink panther is a beautiful plant often seen growing wild in woods and hedgerows adding much needed splashes of colour. These tall plants look amazing planted around your garden too adding vibrant pink colour to your flower beds and flower borders. The digitalis plant ? pink panther is a great performing plant which produces large spikes of bright pink bells that you can?t help but admire. You won?t be the only one falling in love with these digitalis plants either, it?s a fan favourite for bees and other pollinators too! They?ll visit its blooms over and over again throughout the season. To really accentuate the magnificent pink flowers, the small green leaves stay comfortably at the base of the plant. Letting the pink take centre stage. The digitalis plant ? pink panther is best suited to full sun or partial shade in moist soil, with a flowering period from June to July.