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Dracaena (Dragon Tree) Fragrans Golden Coast

Dracaena (Dragon Tree) Fragrans Golden Coast Bright green foliage trimmed with a gold margin! An eye-catching evergreen Dragon Tree with long, bright green foliage trimmed with a bright gold margin. The striking, variegated foliage of Dracaena fragrans 'Golden Coast' makes this an amazing specimen plant for your home. Dracaena will thrive in bright light, away from the direct glare of the sun, but is tolerant to a lot of conditions so is equally happy in shade. A versatile and easy to grow plant that will give years of pleasure. Height: 120cm (48”). Spread: 90cm (36”). Keep in a warm room away from cold draughts and radiators, with a constant temperature above 16C (60F). For the best leaf colour, choose a position in good light, but away from the direct glare of strong sun. Dracaena thrives in a wide range of light levels, which means it will cope equally well in shade. Water freely between spring and autumn using rainwater if possible and allow the pot to drain well each time. In winter, reduce watering but do not let the soil dry out. Feed regularly between March and September when they are in active growth. The lower leaves of Dracaena will die back naturally as the plant grows. These should be carefully removed to help maintain a tidy appearance. Please note: Some houseplants are toxic to pets if ingested, please seek advice from a veterinary professional if you believe it has been consumed. Ensure you take a sample of the plant with you. The size of the plant will differ depending on when in the year it is purchased – visuals are an indication only.