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Geranium Mosquitaway Collection

Geranium Mosquitaway Collection This special collection of Geraniums Mosquitaways include brand new geranium varieties! Geranium Lizzie Mosquitaway – allows you to worry-free barbecues and picnics outdoors with Mosquitaway by your side! The foliage of these beautiful plants has a fresh lemony aroma; a pleasant fragrance for us, but the insects and mosquitoes can’t stand it. Which is fine by us! Finally, the solution to our patio pest issue, and it’s natural too. ‘Mosquitaway’ plants are hugely ornamental, with a luxurious appearance and angelic blooms; thanks to the combo of serrated foliage and angelic pink blooms all summer long. Easy to grow in pots or the border, or even as a windowsill plant indoors. Perfect for beginners.  Geranium Eva Mosquitaway – This exciting hybrid boasts the stunning blooms of Angel Geraniums with the aromatic leaves of Scented-leaf Geraniums. The result is a plant that is both exquisite and repellent to biting insects. These bushy little plants are ideal for planting about your outdoor seating area so that you can soak up those summer evenings without the worry of mosquito bites. Geranium Megan Mosquitaway – produces a beautiful 2 toned flower colour of deep luxurious maroon with a light pink outer edge and scented foliage. Lemon-scented so a natural mosquito repellent that is ideal for around the patio to keep the nasty pests away. Bushy and compact plants that flower all summer for many many months.