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Geum Plant – Lady Stratheden

Geum Plant – Lady Stratheden Fill your garden with beautiful yellow flowers! The Geum Plant – Lady Stratheden is a striking plant that produces beautiful semi- double flowers that are bright yellow in colour. Filling your flower beds and flower borders with these vibrant flowers will certainly brighten up your garden. The beautiful Geum Plant – Lady Stratheden is great at attracting local wildlife too. Bees, butterflies and other pollinators love these flowers! This robust, drought- tolerant flower plant will bloom year after year without any work on your part! The Geum Plant – Lady Stratheden will produce panicles of the attractive flowers all through the spring and summer. The foliage is also pretty amazing, the evergreen or semi- evergreen leaves are great for providing ground cover all through the winter. The Geum Plant – Lady Stratheden grows to a height of 50cm (20"); spread 60cm (24").