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Grape (Vitis) Lakemont

Grape (Vitis) Lakemont An excellent dessert grape or eat raw straight from the vine! Grape ‘Lakemont’ is a superb grape to grow for a number of reasons. It is a delicious dessert grape or can be eaten straight from the vine when ready. The oval fruits grow in an abundance of sizeable clusters that you can harvest September. These grapes grow to a good size, are white, seedless and taste sweet and rich. Like many Grapes, it also grows show-stopping lobed foliage that ‘colours up’ well in the autumn season. Furthermore, this is the ideal kind for growing around a sunny, south-facing wall and are super reliable plant to invest in. They produce prolific crops that show impressive resistance to Powdery and Downy Mildew too. Height of cordon trained vine: 1.8m (6’). Spread of cordon trained vine: 1.5m (5’). Untrained plants may reach up to 8m (26’).