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Guava Plant

Guava Plant The true epitome of tropical excellence. Have a piece of the Caribbean in your home! Guava plants will be right at home in a warm conservatory. Very similar to citrus plants, they are of a similar size and just as hardy. When kept in a large decorative pot, these guava plants make excellent sunroom or conservatory plants, especially as these beautiful guava plants produce one of the most attractive and fragrant flowers out there! The guava plant’s frothy looking white flowers will certainly make a fantastic talking point. Reminiscent of shaving brushes they are a curiously unusual shape. The alluring scent of these flowers definitely has to be smelt to be believed.  The only thing better than enjoying the display of glossy serrated leaves and beautifully scented flowers of this guava plant is the sweet-smelling fruit produced and of course eating them! Rich in vitamin C the guava fruit tastes amazing and was said to be one of Queen Victoria’s favourites, who can blame her? The whole room will smell like the tropics! The Guava plant is supplied in a 2-litre pot.