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Hibiscus Extreme Plant – Oak Red

Hibiscus Extreme Plant – Oak Red Grow these enormous and beautiful flowers in your garden. The Hibiscus Extreme Plant – Oak Red is a beautiful plant that produces spectacular giant blooms that can grow up to 30cm across! These Hibiscus Extreme Plant – Oak Red are extremely fast growing during the summer months. Built for the English climate, you can enjoy the beautiful and exotic blooms that gardeners in warmer regions have enjoyed and loved for years. The gigantic, almost 1 foot across flowers emerge from crinkled buds during the height of Summer, and with a little winter protection you can keep these plants growing year on year. Flowering from July- September and growing to a spectacular height of 1- 1.5m (3’3-5′) and a spread of 1-1.5m (3’3-5′), these awesome plants will fill a decorative container or patio pot with vibrant colours instantly.