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Houseplant Edible Pineapple 14cm Pot x 1

Create a stunning centre piece with the exotic Pineapple plant. Perfect in a sunny conservatory, it is a plant that will catch your eye, and if in the right conditions can grow the fruit at home! The Ananas Comosus produces the well-known arching sword-like foliage. As it grows it displays its foliage in a strong and architectural display. The plant is also able to purify the air around the home removing impurities. In the summer the plant will produce purple flowers which create a beautiful display. These will then in turn be followed by the fruit! These can take 7 to 8 months to grow but can grow up to 30cm! As it can take a few months some patience and TLC will be needed but they are well worth it! Our plants will be sent with a fruit beginning to form to help the process along. This is a Bromeliad which is native to South America. They will love bright direct sunlight so is perfect for a conservatory or a south facing windowsill. Water regularly and allow the soil to dry out a little between each watering. Ensure the pot drains well and feed regularly during the active growing months of March and September. The fruit can be harvested when they turn to an orange/yellow colour and have a sweet smell to them. Height Up To 90cm (36in) Spread Up To 90cm (36in)