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Impatiens F1 Athena Mix

Early flowering, semi-to fully double, carnation-looking blossoms on compact, semi-prostrate spreading plants. Sowing/Planting Instructiions – Sow thinly, indoors, February-April, in pots or trays of seed compost. Gently press the fine seeds into the surface. Moisten and maintain high humidity by sealing in a clear polythene bag or covering with plastic or glass. Keep at approximately 21-24°C (70-75°F) in light, but not full sunlight. After germination, remove cover, allowing air to the plants. Gradually reduce temperature to approximately 15°C (60°F). Growing Instructions – After around 5-6 weeks the young plants are ready for transfer into 6- or 9-packs, or 8cm pots, or else can be used for baskets and containers. Grow them on at around 17°C at night, 17-20°C day. Reduce liquid feed levels and watering. Plants grown on the dry and hungry side at this stage will flower more quickly, and maintain a compact habit. They will be ready for sale around 4-6 weeks after potting.