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Lemon Verbena Freshman (3) Botanical Infusions

Lemon Verbena Botanical Infusions Plants – Freshman The Lemon Verbena plant is very special in that its leaves make a refreshing sherbert like lemon flavoured tea! The lemon verbena plant’s leaves can be dried and used later or for the best taste use them fresh. During the hot summer months, iced lemon verbena tea will most definitely be a refreshing drink at BBQ’S and beach days.  The sweet taste of lemon verbena can also be used in desserts and cakes in lieu of lemon zest. It isn’t just the wonderful taste of the lemon verbena but aesthetically it will be a delight in your garden. Typically large in stature, this plant is best planted close to outdoor living areas. Every time the leaves are touched they release their beautifully refreshing fragrance so be sure to plant alongside pathways and close to your patio. This perennial is a native to picturesque tropical climates. PLanting into containers may help to extend its scent and flavour in colder climates. Caring for your Lemon Verbena plant Lemon Verbena leaves can be harvested as needed throughout their growing season. New growth will occur each time you cut a stem. Frequent cutting is necessary for continuous growth, to make a large picking cut the plants back by roughly half. When using the lemon verbena leaves crumble them just before using in order to release their flavours. Try freezing the leaves to use later.