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Lesser Galangal Plant

Lesser Galangal Plant The Lesser Galangal is the picture-perfect edible houseplant! Our ornamental edible spices will allow anyone to enjoy 'Lesser Galangal' from the comfort of their very own home. Producing structural leaves of orchid-like flowers this edible spice will bring you plenty of joy to any household. Originating from Southeast Asia, 'Lesser Galangal' is a native of the ginger family. The little cousin of ginger, it produces subtle spices and hints of an aromatic citrus flavour when cooked. The heat from 'Lesser Galangal' can be found at the root along with essential oils, that are the perfect addition to any Asian cuisine. This versatile spice can also be used like Kaffir Lime leaves in many oriental Thai curries and soups. Supplied in a 12cm pot, this unique ornamental spice will bring you vast health benefits and spice to your favourite dishes all whilst looking picture-perfect in your home.