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Leycesteria Little Lanterns

Leycesteria Little Lanterns If you have always admired the beauty of the Leycesteria – Golden Lanterns but don’t have the space for them, the Leycesteria – Little Lanterns are the most perfect alternative and just as amazing in their own right!  The little lanterns is a handsome yet compact version of its bigger Leycesteria sibling. It will certainly illuminate your garden displays with magnificent bright yellow- green leaves. The luscious green leaves are only half of this Leycesteria plant’s story. From July to September, the Leycesteria – Little Lanterns will produce astonishing white flowers with purple bracts. A truly beautiful sight and a fantastic way to end the sunny summer season.  The ‘little lanterns’ produce in an abundance, filling your garden with a flurry of colour. This charming little shrub is very versatile and loves the sun! It works well planted in mass as well as mixed into containers. Meaning it will look amazing in flower beds and borders along with beautiful patio displays.