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Mahonia aquifolium Plant

Perfect for beginners and those with small gardens, Mahonia is a low-maintenance, easy-to-grow shrub. Mahonia aquifolium presents continual attraction in the garden. These alluring hardy shrubs have glossy, weatherproof foliage, and vibrant yellow spring blossoms. Later adding to the theatrics the leaves take on a purple flush in autumn, joined with blue-black berries. A great deterrence from unwanted visitors the Mahonia plants are prickly evergreens. Culinary uses: To acidic to eat raw, the ripe fruits can be stewed with sugar or other fruits and turned into jam, jelly or desserts. They are combined with other milder fruits to add more flavour or can be made into a lemonade-like drink. Young leaves can be simmered in water and eaten as a snack. Height: 1m (39). Spread: 1.5m (59?)