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Mushroom Windowsill Kit – Chestnut

Mushroom Windowsill Kit ? Chestnut Grow delicious chestnut mushrooms. Our Windowsill Mushroom Kits will allow anyone to grow chestnut mushrooms from their very own windowsill. Handfuls of tan coloured button mushrooms will just be clutches away to throw in your favourite dish. Like the white button mushroom, these small chestnut mushrooms are slightly stronger in flavour. With our handy kits, you?ll soon be picking delicious chestnut mushrooms, at the fraction of the cost of buying them at the supermarket. Whether you?re a novice or beginner this handy kit includes a base tray, lid and pre spawned substrate and easy to follow instructions. Planting and care: Simply keep them moist and out of direct sunlight and your first crop should be ready to pick in a matter of weeks, plus you can expect at least another 2 pickings after that. Dimensions: 17.5cm (7) x 27.5cm (11) x 8cm (3½) depth.These kits need to be started on receipt and are unsuitable for storage. Dimensions: 17.5cm (7) x 27.5cm (11) x 8cm (3½) depth. See the video below on how to use your mushroom kit.