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Pepper Sweet Grafted Plants – F1 Gogorez

Pepper Sweet Grafted Plants – F1 Gogorez The one of a kind delicious sweet pepper shaped like a beefsteak tomato! An exciting new variety, the F1 Gogorez is an unusual sweet pepper that is sweet and delicious in flavour. An attractive, beefsteak tomato-shaped fruit with thick walls, the ?Gogorez? is high in polyphenols, and containing 5x the heart-healthy carotenes of green peppers! This pepper plant can reach heights of 1m (40in); it?s tall and slim making it great to grow in both the ground and containers. The sweet pepper ?Gorgorez? is the perfect addition to any summer salad or create a stuffed pepper with a difference. What?s so good about grafted veg plants?  Grafting onto specific rootstocks, of course, creates bigger, better, more disease-resistant plants with increased yield. Consequently, we believe, the extra vigour which the plant obtains will provide even better protection to late Blight attack, and the plants will grow away from any infection even more rapidly. Grow in the greenhouse or outdoors, little or no heating required. With excellent resistance to soil-borne pest and diseases – No more ring culture or grow bags you simply plant straight in the soil.