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Photinia Red Robin (Red Laurel) Plant – 2L Value Hedging Range

Adds a splash of colour to your hedge. As its new leaves come through they provide a stunning red effect before mellowing to a green, whilst retaining a red tinge in parts throughout the plant. Flowers in May. Supplied height 45-60cm – in a 2 litre pot. Photinias are one of our best-selling shrubs, as an established 2-3 litre plant. They're great for planting in a border, container or even as a colourful hedge. The evergreen plants keep their large, deep green leaves all year round, in early spring becoming covered in new growth which, depending on variety, ranges from bright glossy red to a distinct pink. Later, large clusters of white flowers are produced, which again cover the plant. In summer a second flush of new red/pink growth is often produced, creating another spectacle!