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Scented Honeysuckle Collection

Cover unsightly outbuildings, pergolas, arches and fences with flower and fragrance throughout the summer! This collection of scented Honeysuckles is perfect for gardeners with lots of vertical spaces to fill. These vigorous climbers are well-loved for their unmistakeable blooms which attract pollinating insect to the garden. Essential for cottage garden planting schemes and equally impressive when twining into established trees. Wherever you plant them, our scented Honeysuckle will provide useful cover and a long season of interest.Collection comprises: 2 x Lonicera japonica ‘Halliana’ – A classic cottage garden climber with tubular white flowers that mature to a buttery shade of yellow. Height: 10m (32?). Spread: 2m (6.5?).2 x Lonicera japonica var. repens ? a purple-stemmed, evergreen variety with strongly scented blooms. Height: 8m (26?). Spread: 1.5m (5?). 1 x Lonicera ?Darts World? – Dark pink flowers are borne in whorls that fade to pale-blush pink and creamy yellow as they age. Height: 3.5m (11?). Spread: 2m (6?).