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Strawberry Plants – Collection

We’re very excited to offer a collection of fantastic day-neutral strawberry plants. Because these plants continue to crop all summer, you’ll enjoy a steady stream of delicious strawberries right up until September. The more fruits you pick, the more your plant will produce, so your dessert dishes will be brimming with fruit for the whole summer and into autumn. Oh happy days. Day-neutral strawberries are insensitive to day length. So they continuously grow fruit as long as the weather is fair. These plants are easy to grow, and every berry has a wonderfully sweet burst of flavour. These strawberry plants don’t just deliver on the fruit front though, they also produce beautiful dark pink, white and pale pink flowers, so they’ll create an ornamental talking point on your patio all summer. They’re perfect for containers too, so they’re a great choice if you have a smaller outside space yet still want to grow your own fruit. Your day-neutral plants will establish quickly this summer to produce a steady stream of strawberries throughout the growing season next year, and a lighter crop of fruits this year. Our collection includes a mix of 3 varieties: F1 Delizz, F1 Toscana and F1 Frisan.