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Tomato Plants – Tumbling Bella

Tomato Plants – Tumbling Bella British-bred cherry tomato and a vast improvement on 'Tumbler' tomato, which was a customer favourite for many years. This amazing producer will keep you in cherry-sized tomatoes from July right through to October. Each sweet little red tomato is crack resistant and grows to perfection in a basket or container environment. Compact and cascading, the 'Tumbling Bella' tomato is a true producer, great to snack on, or use as you would your favourite cherry tomato. Height 30cm (12"); spread 40cm (16"). How do I grow my tomato plant? Immediately after planting, it is an advantage to give some protection at night, either by using cloches or fleece. Once flowers begin to appear, the plants should be fed with a liquid tomato fertilizer at the recommended rate weekly. The growing point should be removed when five or six trusses have formed, as this will encourage the fruits to swell more rapidly and mature more quickly. Keep the plants well-watered, especially when the fruits have started to set. Wide fluctuations in moisture supply may lead to irregular fruit growth, cracking of the skin, and dropping of the fruits.