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Truffle Tree – Oak

Truffles are a kind of ‘underground mushroom’ that grow on the roots of certain tree species. They are highly prized by top chefs and connoisseurs for their exquisite intense flavour and can be used to add an indulgent twist on everything from pasta and seafood to scrambled eggs.The summer truffle (Tuber aestivum syn. uncinatum) is very similar to the winter truffle although milder in flavour but it?s much more at home in cooler climates and in the UK has been reported to have been found as far north as Scotland!The oak tree is a bare root of between 20-30cm and about a year old when delivered. Truffles are produced 4-7 years from planting and the trees will produce truffles for up to 50 years. Full planting instructions. Trees will eventually grow to a height of approximately 6m (20′) but can be kept significantly smaller with pruning. Not suitable for container growing.